Inspire Results with Turnkey Business Intelligence

LimeGear provides out-of-the-box dashboards and reports to improve visibility and collaboration and increase productivity and efficiency across your mortgage company.


LimeGear Features


Insights that Drive Action

LimeGear gives you a workable pipeline to track the progress of loans through the entire origination process without having to log in to your LOS. Alerts and notifications configurable to user preferences helps everyone stay out of the dark and close loans faster.


Zero in on Profitability

Branch and area managers can zero in on profitability and identify bottlenecks with enhanced reporting that drills-down into the loan- and employee-level details. LimeGear’s production insights keep you informed of your product and purpose mix, fall out rate, turn time, loan revenue, and more.


Inspire Results with Transparency

Define strategic goals across the organization, transform strategy into best practices and expectations, then track attainment to easily identify who is doing what and how well. Configurable KPIs and balanced scorecards make it easy for employees to remain motivated and management to incentivize performance.


Maximize Incentive Compensation Plans

By integrating with our incentive compensation management platform CompenSafe, LimeGear provides you with advanced reporting and analytics into your largest expense, loan commissions.

Discover the Ultimate Lender Experience

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