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Eliminate Spreadsheets with Simplified Incentive Compensation Management Tools

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Latitude to be creative. Control to remain profitable.

CompenSafe gives your mortgage company unparalleled control over your variable compensation plans and processes – something that spreadsheets simply can’t provide. By bridging the gap between your loan origination system and payroll system, CompenSafe enables your payroll department to eliminate manual data entry and human errors; arms your branch managers with a wealth of actionable insight into LO and operational staff performance and profitability; and updates your sales teams of the status of their compensation in near real-time.

  • Comp plans outline the who, what, when, where and how compensation is calculated, making it easy for employees to understand how and why their compensation is calculated.
  • Itemized export files for various payroll processing systems including ADP, AllPay, ExponentHR, Paychex, Paycom, Paycor, Paylocity, and more.
  • Automated tracking and reporting of every LO commission calculation and transaction, helping you deliver to CFPB compliance requirements.
This is CompenSafe


Implement creative compensation plans

CompenSafe provides the power and flexibility to implement incentive comp plans for recruiting and retaining top talent while eliminating the complexity of managing multiple comp plans manually on spreadsheets.


LOS integration, automated calculations

Integrating with your loan origination system in near real-time, loan commissions and bonuses are automatically calculated as soon as loans close and fund.


Single source of truth

CompenSafe brings all your loan compensation data together, enabling you to manage, audit, analyze, and report on loan commissions and bonuses in one place.


Unlimited users, empowered employees

The online platform empowers your employees, improves communication and builds trust by providing complete transparency into the compensation process.

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