US Mortgage Fosters Internal Culture of Transparency & Trust with LBA Ware’s CompenSafe

“What I like best about CompenSafe is it allows us to be very transparent with our sales & operational employees. Providing an extra layer of transparency into how earnings are calculated has strengthened their trust in us as an employer.”
-Steven Milner, Founder and CEO

The Challenge

US Mortgage needed to improve the execution and fidelity of its loan compensation with a solution that would scale with the organization and promote employee retention. 

The Results

  • Faster, more streamlined incentive compensation process
  • Improved accuracy restored employee confidence in the loan compensation process
  • Greater transparency into loan commission calculations for employees
  • Loan commission push-notifications sent to LOs via CompenSafe’s integration with SimpleNexus
  • First-rate, white-glove level of client service

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