Cyprus Credit Union Slashes Loan Boarding Costs with LBA Ware’s Suite of Solutions

"Our sales manager and originations team now get actionable pipeline insights that used to be locked away in our LOS. The reporting helps them stay on top of to-dos and motivates them to do more."
-Brent Pearson, Vice President for Mortgage Services

The Challenge

Cyprus Credit Union needed a solution that automated the boarding of loans to CENLAR and redirected loan originators time to more value-driven tasks.

The Results

  • Automated boarding of loans from Fusion Mortgagebot to CENLAR
  • Reduced per-unit fee for boarding loans by one-third the cost
  • Reallocated loan originators time to revenue generating activities
  • Robust suite of reports and performance scorecards
  • Actionable insights into loan pipeline for LOs and managers

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